Our Store

Sure Shot Coffee was added to the Vardagen store in Fishers as a way for us to connect more frequently with our customers and offer them fresh, locally roasted coffee.  To read more about our history visit this blog post.

We want everyone that visits Sure Shot to have a great experience and we're constantly working on improving everything we do!  Feel free to give us suggestions or let us know if there's anything that doesn't meet your expectations!


Where should I park and where can I enter?

There's a parking lot behind our store and also a public parking lot across the street in front to the left of Riviera Maya. We have an entrance in the front and the rear of the building... feel free to use either one!

What's the connection to Vardagen?

Vardagen and Sure Shot Coffee are sister companies created by Jared Ingold and his team. They also started and operate The Art Press, a custom design and print shop.

While we make your drink take time to browse the Vardagen collection!  Each shirt is hand drawn by our designer, Daniel Jewett and printed in downtown Indianapolis by our production team led by Derick Petersen.  Our location is the only place to find these unique designs!

What makes Sure Shot different from chain coffee stores?

There's a quite a bit of a difference but to sum it up quickly: 

  1. We're locally owned and operated
  2. Our coffee is roasted fresh and coffee is actually a fresh food although many people do not realize it
  3. We work on developing drinks in a way that focuses on individuality instead of mass production.
  4. We have limitations on what we offer and we view that as a strength.  We're always improving our drinks and we steer away from offering options that we consider too unhealthy.  We know they would sell but we want to attract people that appreciate coffee for all its flavor potential rather than covering it up with syrups and sugars.