A New Camp Friend

I woke up in my Excursion... it had rained all night and I didn’t even attempt to sleep in the tent. After making the last minute decision to join five friends on a trip to the first ever Eaux Claires music festival I barely had time to get packed. That rush left me without a sleeping bag and other important things. I did, however, remember to grab 6 bottles of Sure Shot Coffee. We had just bottled the drink for the first time and I was excited to bring it along.

For me, waking up is the worst part of camping. It’s probably because I don’t stir early enough to keep the sun from turning the tent (or vehicle in this case) into a greenhouse. I crawled out of the truck, sore in the side from the seatbelt stabbing me all night, and headed straight for the cooler. The insulation did its job and although most of the ice was gone, the cold brew was , well, cold.

This wasn’t my first time drinking Sure Shot, but it was the first time to enjoy it at as a stranger. Before, it was always in our store, Vardagen, where we had recently built an expresso bar and served Sure Shot Nitro Brew on tap. This was different though, I needed it this time and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, all of us kept talking about how awesome it was to wake up to something so refreshing and still have all the benefits of coffee. No stirring up the campfire, or getting out cookware to make a hot drink when you’re already sweaty. Small luxuries when you’re roughing it go a long way. I was convinced I’d never camp again without Sure Shot waiting for me in the morning.

After returning from that trip I started thinking really seriously about distributing Sure Shot. I think it offers something unique to the market and my hope is that others can enjoy the compan ionship of nature’s sugar free energy drink. To me coffee is about community, creativity, ingenuity, and clear thinking. If I can can bottle something that stirs idea-making then I’m all for it.

- Jared

Jared Ingold is a creative entrepreneur and owner of Sure Shot Coffee. He's passionate about building things from the ground up and solving problems in unconventional ways.